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Male MOT

With male-factor infertility consistently shown to be the most common cause of subfertility found, the work-up and evaluation of men is often neglected in comparison to the tests their female partners go through.

At the Lister Fertility Clinic, we believe that treatment and ongoing research of male factor infertility should be a multi-speciality undertaking, ideally within an IVF clinic setting, such as ours, with dedicated gynaecological, urological and embryological staff supported by suitable counselling (both fertility and genetic) where needed.

In over half of men, the cause of any fertility problem is unknown. Even when a cause if found it may not be amenable to treatment and assisted reproduction will still be necessary we feel that a “male MOT” is an essential part of the complete work up of a couple where sperm-related factors are identified.

We would therefore recommend referral and assessment with one our urological colleagues who are highly experienced leaders in the field of reproductive urology / andrology.

This is particularly the case in couples where the man is “azoospermic” (has no sperm in ejaculate) and the options for surgical sperm retrieval need to be discussed.