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COVID-19 Update from Medical Director

COVID-19 Update from Medical Director

HFEA ANNOUNCEMENT: Update on Clinic Reopening

We are delighted that the HFEA have taken the decision that fertility clinics can apply to reopen from 11th May 2020 and eagerly look forward to starting treatments again for our patients.

The safety of patients and clinic staff remains a priority for us and we already have in place our plans to demonstrate that we can provide a safe service for patients and a safe working environment for our staff that complies with recommendations from professional guidance.

There remain some steps before treatments will resume as below:

  1. Professional Guidance from British Fertility Society to be published this weekend
  2. General Directive with guidance from HFEA to be sent in the Week beginning 11th May
  3. Self-Assessment Tool to be completed with our restart plan following this HFEA Directive
  4. HFEA will assess this plan over a period of up to 5 days
  5. HFEA will only then allow clinics to reopen

These steps will be completed as soon as we possibly can.

By the end of next week, in anticipation of starting we will send out:

  • Instructions on how we will recommence treatments
  • Covid related Q & A outlining our procedures that will need to be read and signed prior to treatment
  • We will ensure those who have been delayed can start as soon as possible

The clinic remains open and we recommend booking phone / video consultations for all to get a plan in place to start when possible


To book a new or follow up consultation or counselling appointment:

Phone: 0207 881 2000 Email: Secretarygroup@lfclinic.com

For the clinical support line: Phone: 07850 502 709


James Nicopoullos (Medical Director)

Friday, May 1st