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Find out more about our IVF multi-cycle and refund packages

IVF / ICSI / IMSI Price ListIVF / ICSI / IMSI Price List
Follow up Consultation£160
Initial pelvic ultrasound scan£169
Semen Analysis£135
Screening blood tests (HIV, HEPATITIS B & C)£135
Egg Freezing£3,750
3 Cycle natural cycle IVF£7,995
3 Cycle Egg Freezing Package£9,350
3 Cycle IUI Package (donor sperm only)£2,650
Blastocyst culture£615
Medication for treatment**£677 to £1,557
Embryo freezing*£940
Frozen embryo transfer£1,650

* In addition to IVF cost, if required.

** Estimated cost based on an average of 11 days’ stimulation for IVF, ICSI and IMSI treatment cycles. Drug costs are an estimate only as response to stimulation varies from patient to patient and doses may be increased or decreased during your fertility treatment cycle.

Multiple cycle package options

In some circumstances you may require multiple cycles.  The Lister Fertility Clinic works in conjunction with Access Fertility read more here & Assured fertility read more here to provide multicycle and refund packages.

We also provide in-house discounted cycles for egg freezing and natural cycle IVF packages.  Your consultant will discuss if any of the packages are suitable for you at consultation.  Please see our Package option prices PDF.

Fees and payment

The Lister Fertility Clinic’s prices are grouped together into three main categories according to the procedures available for each treatment:

Patients having fertility treatment at the Lister Fertility Clinic, are asked to settle their account at the beginning of the treatment cycle. If the egg collection has to be cancelled for any reason, an appropriate refund will be made.

If in the rare event The Lister Fertility Clinic’s team are unable to collect eggs during your procedure, or if eggs subsequently fail to fertilise, we regret that there can be no alteration to the stated fees. Egg retrievals are performed on a day care basis. If you need to stay overnight an additional fee will be levied.

Private medical insurance companies do not generally cover fertility treatment, but may cover some consultation or operative procedures. It is essential that you check with your insurance company prior to making any claim for consultations or investigations.

Couples will be required to make payments at the time of treatment and claim retrospectively from the insurance company.

Overseas couples, whose costs are to be met by their respective embassies, must present a letter of authority so that private fertility treatment can proceed.

Couples from countries with exchange control regulations should ensure in advance that funds are available. Bank clearance must be obtained before fertility treatment can commence.